The problem with buying a home in Grand Junction at the bottom of the price scale, is you're likely to get something that needs an extreme makeover. Here's a gem that's not only inexpensive but actually nice enough to move into right away.

This home, priced at $10,000, is a bit 70s, but that's also what makes it so charming. Plus, it has a porch and mature lawn and trees. For roughly the cost of a damage deposit and first month's rent someplace else, you could make a down payment on this home.

At current interest rates and a 15-year fixed mortgage, the house payment would be less than $100 per month. You'd still have to pay the monthly lot rent, but even with that, this is probably the best low price deal on the market right now.

The home, located at 585 25-1/2 Road, is within walking distance of some great shopping and restaurants.

For a home that's just under 900 square feet, there's plenty of counter space and storage in the kitchen and dining room. The open concept living room/kitchen makes this great for entertaining family and friends.

The home only has one bathroom, so you may need a schedule if you have family members who tend to take up residence in there. There is enough storage and counter space so everyone can keep their necessities right where they need them. Still, this is a get in, get your business done and get out kind of bathroom.

Unsurprisingly, as we were working on this, it appears there are offers already being made on this home. Jes Dodson at Bray Real Estate has all the details including the monthly lot rent that's in addition to the home's selling price.