I recently posted a Facebook question asking what your favorite holiday movie is, here are the results:

3. A Christmas Story

Coming in at number three is the 1983 classic A Christmas Story. There are so many memorable scenes and one-liners in this film. Who can forget Ralphie dressed in the pink bunny suit, the Asian restaurant scene where they chop the head off of the turkey, the kid getting his tongue stuck to the pole, and Ralphie getting shoved down the slide by Santa Claus? Plus, the "you'll shoot your eye out, kid" line is quoted constantly around the holidays.

2. Die Hard

The Bruce Willis classic action movie Die Hard came in at number two. While this film is perhaps the most hotly debated "Christmas movie," it does take place during the holiday and is a Grand Junction favorite watch during the season.

1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Coming in at number one is another Christmas classic, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. This film has so many iconic scenes and one-liners and is quoted often. Who can forget the scene where Uncle Eddie is emptying out the sewage from his motor home? Yes, we all know the line. The film also features one of Chevy Chase's most beloved moments when we goes on a long, profanity-laced rant at the dinner table. And of course, any time someone puts an extraordinary amount of Christmas decorations on their house they immediately become a "Griswold."

Honorable Mention: Bad Santa

While Bad Santa didn't receive as many votes as these other films, I had to add it. Bad Santa is not only my favorite Christmas movie, but my entire family loves it. Billy Bob Thornton plays the criminal dressed as Santa Claus named Willy, and he is perhaps the worst mall Santa Claus of all time, which causes hilarity to ensue.


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