We've all encountered unfavorable driving conditions throughout our lives. Sometimes the unpleasant trip down the road is due to another driver, or drivers, and sometimes it's just the roads themselves that ruin our day.

Bad drivers and bad roads are something every motorist finds themself dealing with at one time or another, and driving around Colorado is no different than anyone else.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Grand Junction residents where the worst drivers they've ever encountered in Colorado have been, and another Facebook question asking where you've found the worst roads in the state.

Here's what you said.

Grand Junction's Picks for the Worst Drivers in Colorado

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If there was a contest that was voted upon by Grand Junction residents regarding which area of the state had the worst drivers, Denver would likely squeak by with first place.

However, it may come as a surprise that Montrose was mentioned almost as many times as the Mile High City for having the worst drivers in the state of Colorado.

In addition, places like Pueblo, the Roaring Fork Valley, and even Grand Junction were also mentioned as having the worst drivers in the state.

Next, let's see where Grand Junction residents have encountered the worst roads.

Grand Junction's Picks for the Worst Roads in Colorado

This question was much less of a landslide than the previous one, but some Grand Junction residents named places like Highway 141 between Whitewater and Nucla, Grand Junction's Highway 50 Business Loop, and Colorado Springs as places where they've found some of the worst roads in the state.

Keep scrolling to see all of the responses and, perhaps, where to avoid driving in our great state of Colorado.

Grand Junction’s Picks for Worst Roads + Drivers in Colorado

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