We don't have these things in our houses, but we wish we did. This is what Grand Junction doesn't have, but wishes they had in their house.

We all wish we had something at our houses/apartments/etc., for me, it's a washer and dryer and also a skylight. We posted this on our Facebook:

And Grand Junction has a few things they'd like to add to their homes. While some are wishing for another dishwasher, others are fishing for things like Jason Momoa and a white tiger. Here's what Grand Junction doesn't currently have in their house, but wishes they had:

Grand Junction's most popular answers are a maid, a chef, and central air. It'd be great to come home to a squeaky clean house and a delicious filet mignon waiting to be devoured. Unfortunately, I'm my own maid and also my own chef. I do all that cooking and cleaning and no one pays me for it, dang.

Some of Grand Junction wishes that one of these celebrities would be waiting for them when they got home:

  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Jason Momoa

Just imagine one of these celebrities at your house, just waiting to give you a kiss when you get off work. (Pretty sure they don't sell these in any stores.)

Grand Junction wishes they had a pool, a hot tub, and a clawfoot bathtub in their houses. They also wish for some other cool things like a she shed, a million bucks, a full bar/game room, and a white tiger.

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