A sad story from Grand Junction, Colorado has inspired a wonderful piece of artwork as well as a reminder of the importance of being kind to the homeless.

Keep reading to learn the story of Warren Barnes and how tragedy inspired a memorial for the man loved by many as well as a lesson for all.

Who Was Grand Junction Colorado's Warren Barnes?

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Warren Barnes was a homeless man that spent his last years primarily in the downtown area of Grand Junction, Colorado. He was beloved by many, particularly two women by the names of Monique Lanotti and Allie Telinde, both of which worked in businesses on Grand Junction's Main Street.

Lanotti is the owner and namesake of Monique's Bridal and Formal Wear and Telinde got to know Barnes while working at Guild Mortgage.

Both women considered Barnes an extremely nice, and selfless man, and have told stories of how he wouldn't accept food and enjoyed sitting around outside with a book in his hands.

However, tragedy would strike in February of 2021 when Barnes was senselessly murdered by a 19-year-old man who allegedly suffered from mental issues and took Barnes' life completely at random.

In order to preserve his memory, Lanotti and Telinde enlisted the help of a local metalworker to pay tribute to the man that was tragically stolen from them.

Downtown Grand Junction Colorado's Tribute to Warren Barnes

Following Barnes' death, Telinde approached Tim Navin of Sparks Fly Studio in Grand Junction to construct a memorial in his memory.

The memorial was placed right around the corner from Monique's Bridal and Formal Wear, a place in which Barnes spent much of his time, and includes details that make it especially fitting.

The memorial itself is an exact replica of the chair given to Barnes by Lanotti after the city of Grand Junction removed the benches from the alleyway in which Barnes spent much of his time and features numerous books sitting on it as a testament to Barnes' love of reading.

Next time you walk past the memorial, be sure to read the titles of the books, as one of them reads, simply, "And You Also," a reply frequently used by Barnes following his friend Monique's wish goodnight.

Take a look at the memorial as it currently sits in downtown Grand Junction, and get to know some of the people whose lives were touched by Barnes before he was so senselessly and tragically murdered:

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