National Pizza Day was on February 9th and in honor of the best National Day of the Year, we had asked you to vote for your favorite pizza joint in Grand Junction.

I keep saying that this national day should last for a week. Pizza is without a doubt one of my biggest weaknesses. I love pizza ... love it!

I loved being pregnant because I got to eat a slice of pizza every day. I felt like I was going to gain weight anyways might as well enjoy getting bigger by eating my first choice in unhealthy food.

The top three all did very well and were super close in the poll. There were several others that tied but unfortunately didn't make the top three list.

I got an opportunity to eat at all three pizza joints and I totally understand why these were considered the best around.

  • 3

    Enzo's Pizza Shack

    Enzo is one of the coolest restaurant owners I know and their pizza is delicious. Not surprised it's one of Grand Junction's top places for pizza. It's wonderful.

  • 2

    Pablo's Pizza

    Located in downtown Grand Junction this pizza joint is as good as everyone says. Super delicious pizza and awesome owners.

  • 1

    Hot Tomato Pizza

    I can see why people drive to Fruita to buy a slice of Pizza from Hot Tomato. This is my kind of pizza. I loved every bite. Seriously so good.

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