This past weekend my fiance Heather, her mom, our friend Chuck and I went on a trip from Grand Junction to Monument Valley, Utah.

Where is Monument Valley Utah?

Monument Valley is quite a trip from Grand Junction clocking in at at least five hours of driving but is definitely worth the drive.

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Monument Valley is located on the very south end of Utah right on the Arizona border directly off of Utah's Highway 163. It is located just west of the four corners but the trip we took led us through Moab and Monticello all the way to the border.

What's in Monument Valley Utah?

If you've seen Forrest Gump you may remember seeing him running through a desert on a long and lonesome highway with a scraggly beard and if you do, you have the tiniest taste of Monument Valley.

While the Forrest Gump scene is quite famous, Monument Valley is so much more than that. It is truly a trip through God's country with countless natural rock formations, each one of which will take your breath away.

What's it Like to Drive From Grand Junction to Monument Valley?

While the drive from Grand Junction to Monument Valley is rather long, you can drive there and back in one day with plenty of time to check out the sheer natural beauty of Monument Valley.

You'll pass through numerous small Utah towns on the way, including Moab which, depending on the time of year and the volume of tourists, is worth driving to check out on its own.

In addition, the entire drive from Grand Junction to Monument Valley is full of breathtaking scenery leading up to your final, even more breathtaking, destination.

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