Everyone is different and unique in their own way and because of this, each one of us has our own redeeming qualities. Some of us consider ourselves to be more sensible than others, more intuitive than others, or more trustworthy than others. In addition, some of us have special skills and talents that others do not possess.

Sure, there isn't a human alive that can climb buildings like Spider-Man, fly through the air like Superman, or re-grow limbs like Deadpool. However, special skills, talents, and gifts are almost the human equivalent of superpowers in the real world.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking what the closest thing you have to a superpower is and it turns out that Grand Junction residents have all kinds of superpowers in their own ways.

The Closest Things Grand Junction Has to Superpowers

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One trait that numerous people that responded to my question claim to have is a certain level of common sense, which is definitely a valuable thing to have. In fact, Kris, Elizabeth, and Timothy all claim that common sense is the closest thing they have to a superpower.

Another trait that was mentioned numerous times was the ability to keep a secret, especially if that secret was the superpower itself, claimed by both Mark and Edward.

Other 'superpowers' included Brian's work with veterans and the less fortunate, which is something no one can argue is not extremely impressive, if not super. Skills such as organization, having an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and even the ability to speak backward were also some of the 'superpowers' mentioned.

The Closest Things Grand Junction Residents Have to Superpowers

According to you, if there was something that you could consider your ‘superpower,’ this is what that would be.

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