If you have a kid that's Lego crazy, you also know there's no such thing as "too many Lego's." What you may not know is that you can load up on Lego's right here in Grand Junction.

My son's 18 and he still loves Lego. He has almost all his life. He was building the Millennium Falcon and Star Destroyers at a very young age. I admit it, I had fun helping him build them too. On more than one Christmas Day he'd rip open the presents and have the new sets assembled before dinner.

If you know a kid like mine you need to know about the Lego store just off of Main Street in downtown Grand Junction. The shop at 124 N 7th Street had about 8 million Lego parts on the premises. After a recent shipment, they now have nearly 14 million, making them the largest Lego replacement part store on the planet!. For a Lego fan on your holiday shopping list, this may be the best news ever and bulk parts are the next best thing to those expensive kits. Happy Lego Holidays!

Credit: KKCO11 


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