A Grand Junction husband and wife own a pest control company and recently had the cutest day on the job. They saved 6 baby raccoons in downtown Grand Junction.

About a week and a half ago, a business in downtown Grand Junction called Dave and Courtney Williams to help them with a raccoon who was ransacking in their kitchen at night. The pest control company caught the mom raccoon and relocated her, without knowing she had babies.

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The downtown Grand Junction business could still hear animal noises, so the couple, who own Chrome Mosquito & Pest Control, came back to investigate. He had to remove the carpet and subfloor, and part of a staircase only to find six baby raccoons. Somehow mama raccoon had found her way inside the ceiling to have the babies.

The raccoon babies were just a few days old, with no teeth and their eyes were still closed when Dave and Courtney found them. Dave told us because of where he released the mom there was no way to reunite them. So Dave and Courtney bottle fed them for a few days while waiting to hear back from a rescue center.

Dave says they had to bottle feed the six baby raccoons every four hours so there was a lot of getting up in the middle of the night to feed them. It took them a day or two to learn how to eat out of the bottle, but once they did, they would eat as much as you let them.

The baby raccoons would only be quiet while sleeping, and as soon as one woke up hungry, all of them woke up and started making some crazy noises. Dave and Courtney have a toy Australian shepherd who thought the raccoons were very cool. Their dog was so intrigued by the baby raccoons, that he would come get Dave and Courtney so he could check on them.

This was the first time Dave ever rescued a raccoon. He says owning Chrome Mosquito & Pest Control means that they do everything from spraying bed bugs to trapping animals. Any given week they're dealing with prairie dogs, bats, skunks, and raccoons.

Dave says that now his new favorite animal to work with are baby raccoons. The babies were only 165 grams when they found them, which is .36 lbs, and they had to weigh them to figure out how much to feed them.

This was the first time he found a helpless baby while working and had to take it home. It was love at first sight for his wife Courtney and we don't blame her. Just look at the adorable baby raccoons below, who have since been taken to a rescue center.

Grand Junction Couple Saves Baby Raccoons

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