These days, it's difficult to find any kind of home for less than $50,000. In fact, in many cases, it takes $50,000 or more just to be able to afford a brand new car nowadays.

Curious, I did a little digging and was able to find a total of two homes in Grand Junction that are currently for sale and have asking prices that are less than $50,000. One of these homes, interestingly, is listed for $1 (a price even I can afford) but I'm sure there was some catch.

However, the other home for sale in Grand Junction currently listed for less than $50,000 is legit and is a cute little place definitely worth the price.

Details About Grand Junction Home Listed for Under $50k

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The home is located at 585 25 1/2 Rd Trlr 98, Grand Junction, CO 81505 in Paradise Valley Park. In case you're not familiar, Paradise Valley Park is located right across the street from the fire station as well as Pomona Park, and has numerous businesses close by including City Market and the new Jersey Mike's sandwich shop.

The home is a total of 960 square feet in area, has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a decent-sized yard, a storage shed, and more.

Currently, the home is listed for $47,500 at and was originally built in 1972.

The home also has a spacious living room, a kitchen, a laundry room, and plenty of living area for, more than likely, one to three people comfortably.

One interesting thing about the home is the unique stained glass accents on the ceiling in the living room, something you definitely don't see every day.

Take a virtual tour of one of the only homes for sale in Grand Junction for less than $50k:

Tour a Grand Junction Home You Could Own for Less than $50k

Check out one of the few homes for sale in Grand Junction for less than $50,000.

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