An adorable home for sale in Grand Junction was built in 1903 and takes you back on a time-traveling journey to a simpler time.


The home is located right off of 1st Street between main drags Patterson Road and North Avenue at 2209 N. 1st Street. Because the home was built in 1903 it's difficult to conceptualize what this area of town looked like then but today the home sits on a fairly busy road.

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A Peek into the Past

The home was built almost 120 years ago and there are definite signs of its past left behind. For example, there are unique things like a small set of stairs going from the kitchen to a bathroom, tiny spaces for appliances in said kitchen, designs in the wood flooring, and a very old-timey shower, to name a few.

For Sale

The home is currently for sale and while it appears small on the outside, it really opens up upon going inside. Plus, there is a detached garage and even a water feature in the yard. Because of its location and history, the home carries a fairly hefty price tag of over $500,000.

Take a virtual tour of this adorable Grand Junction home built in 1903.

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