In case you're not familiar, we have a very cool board game store here in Grand Junction called Board Fox Games. The store is located at 623 Main Street and allows patrons to come in and play board games, purchase said games if desired, complete with beverages and snacks available. Plus, because the Parade of Lights is this weekend, Board Fox Games is hosting a special event, aptly titled Parade of Games.

The Parade of Games takes place tomorrow at the game shop from noon to 5 p.m. and will allow patrons to play a select amount of games, roughly 20, for free. Now if you're familiar with these types of games you may be intimidated a little bit because these are not your typical Monopoly and Sorry! types of games, but they will be easier, beginner types of games.

Plus, Board Fox Games will have experts there to explain the games, demonstrate how to play them, along with pamphlets to reference gameplay. They'll explain how many people can play a particular game, the skill level of the game, and the typical time it takes to finish the game. Games included are called Coup, Colt Express, the dice game called Bang! and more.

Board Fox Games also offers fun for the little ones, with a kids table decked out with much easier board games for the kids to play.

Besides, Board Fox Games offers refreshments such as coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, soft drinks, a selection of snacks, and the delicious butterscotch cream soda called Butter Beer made famous by the Harry Potter series.

Once you're done playing games you can head directly to the Parade of Lights, and Board Fox Games even makes a note that you can bring your coffee, cocoa, or Butter Beer with you to the parade.

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