Living in America is a video series on rural towns in America and Grand Junction was picked as their first highlighted town. Check out what they have say about the awesome area we live in.

It's always been hard for me to explain to people not familiar with Grand Junction why it's such an incredible place to live. This video helps in that it's a great snapshot of the  place we call home.

Having grown up and raised my own family in Grand Junction it's easy for me to understand why we were selected for the first episode of this series. Few places on earth offer the incredible and yet markedly different scenery that surrounds us in every direction.

Add to that the almost endless variety of leisure activities, with bicycling being one of my personal favorites. Plus, this area attracts people of any age and interest, including the four generations of my family that currently live here. I've been told by visitors how much they like the relaxed pace and small town feel even though Grand Junction is a pretty good sized city.

Like me, you may enjoy learning, (or perhaps having a refresher course), about the history of our town presented in the first part of the video.

After watching the video my only dilemma is, do I head east to Palisade for the greenery of the orchards and vineyards or west to the stunning desert rocks and cliffs of the Colorado National Monument? Come to think of it, why not do both?