A Grand Junction elementary school teacher is moving past the 14ers, onto Mount Everest. Paul Hughes from Chipeta Elementary SChool is climbing Mt. Everest.

Paul Hughes is a PE teacher at Chipeta Elementary School and is spending his break climbing a mountain. Not just any mountain, Mt. Everest. Paul has incorporated his trip to Mt. Everest into the classroom.

Before he left for his Mt. Everest journey, this teacher made sure his students were included too. He taught the students the difference between Colorado mountains and Mt. Everest.

The tallest mountain in Colorado is Mt. Elbert, which is 14,443 feet high. Now Mt. Everest is 29,035 feet high, which is over twice as tall as Mt. Elbert. It looks like the tallest mountain that Paul has ever climbed is 19,000 feet high.

I like how this Chipeta Elementary School teacher incorporated his challenge over spring break into his class. He's brought in a map, a comparison of the mountains, his tent and some other gear to show the kids too.

He also got his class to do a workout that he's about to be doing a lot of -- mountain climbers. I'm sure it makes his kids happy to feel included on his spring break.

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