There's a detour sign in Grand Junction that could spell disaster if you take it too literally.

The detour sign is just west of the Orchard Mesa City Market and AutoZone on the frontage road that runs parallel to Highway 50.

At first glance, you may not think too much about the sign, but if you actually follow the detour arrow, you'll end up crashing into a clump of trees.

OM Detour Sign Pointing to Trees
Ed Chandler

If you manage to go through the trees, you'll end up in a hole that is part of construction on the B-1/2 Road overpass which is why the detour is necessary.

I'm sure whoever placed the sign was trying to make it as visible as possible to drivers. So it's likely just a coincidence the sign points the way it does.

Then again, maybe it's a prank to see how many people will literally follow the sign and end up as part of a detour disaster.

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