Ever tried to have a party with a group of your friends in Grand Junction and the pizza driver never shows up with your food? Everyone is hungry and kinda sitting around. It turns out the pizza driver couldn't find your house, so they just returned to the store. Ridiculous right?

Don't let this happen to you and your friends. Enjoy a meal with friends at one of Grand Junction, Colorado's favorite restaurants.

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These Places are So Grand Junction

It's hard to imagine Grand Junction without some of the popular restaurants that have been around for decades. What would downtown be without places like our beloved Winery Restaurant or Rockslide Brewery? Both locations are part of our historic downtown, and both offer menu items you won't find at any of the chains.

What Restaurant is Missing in Grand Junction?

We love talking about which restaurants will come to Grand Junction next. Is there a restaurant you wish would open a location in Fruita/GJ/Palisade? The reason some of Grand Junction's favorite restaurants and breweries have been around so long is that they are a reflection of life in our valley. One of my favorites is the Devil's Kitchen in the Maverick Hotel. It's got a menu with all the flavors of western Colorado, and the best view of any restaurant in town. It totally fits right in here. Let's think of some more.

12 Unique Restaurants You'll Love in Grand Junction

These locations offer some amazing meals. While some of them are an excellent choice for a fancy night out, others are simply known for making some of the best breakfast creations you ever tasted. Let's eat.

12 Unique Restaurants to Try in Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction is home to several different restaurants with big and bold flavors. These places also know a thing or two about a fun and relaxed atmosphere. If you're looking for a unique dining experience these 12 destinations are a great place to start when visiting the Grand Valley.

HUNGRY FOR MORE: All the Restaurants in Downtown Grand Junction + Their Food

It's time to eat. We're headed to downtown Grand Junction to check out some of the great places to eat. The downtown atmosphere and shopping surround several dining options that make downtown a fun place to be.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022, we celebrate "Iconic American Restaurants Day." When it comes to Colorado, where will you find the states most "iconic" restaurants? According to Uncover Colorado, these are the state's top 10.

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