A friend just called, bursting at the seams, notifying me that a gas station in Grand Junction, Colorado, is selling regular gas for just $3.79.

Relief may be in sight. Here's a look at the ten least expensive gas prices around Grand Junction for the date of August 10, 2022, according to Gas Buddy.

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Comparing Gas Prices Around Grand Junction, Colorado

The location my friend mentioned would be the Happy Stop on Orchard Mesa. Last night they had gas for sale at $3.79 per gallon. I drove by this station while making my late-night grocery run, and sure enough, my friend's info was accurate.

Finding the Least Expensive Gas in Grand Junction

Various websites exist where you can search for the lowest gas price for a particular area. For this search, I've used the website Gas Buddy.  Results for this search include stations all the way from Fruita to Palisade.

Where Do They Get Their Price Information?

How exactly does Gas Buddy gather their information, and how accurate is it? According to Digital Initiative:

GasBuddy gathers its gas price information almost exclusively from crowdsourced user submissions. Each day, GasBuddy users submit 2-3 million data points on gas prices across the US and Canada.

If you look at Gas Buddy's page with listings for Grand Junction, you'll notice several of the listings were submitted by the same user. A number of others show "owner" as the contributor.

You'll also notice information is updated frequently. As of this morning, August 10, 2022, every listing, minus one, updated its price within the last hour.

Ten Lowest Gas Prices in Grand Junction Right Now - August 10, 2022

Check out the list below. These are the ten best deals right now, 9:06 a.m. on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, in Grand Junction, Colorado. You'll notice a certain gas station is absent from this list. The Happy Stop on Orchard Mesa mentioned earlier in this post is nowhere to be found. At $3.79, it is far less expensive than the other stations listed here. More than likely, no one has reported this gas price to Gas Buddy.

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