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Behold the most awesome hand sanitizer dispenser to be found in Grand Junction, if not the entire planet.

Do you recognize this device? You've definitely seen one before. In the event you find yourself in downtown Grand Junction, seek this thing out. It's worth making the trip just to use this dispenser.

To give you a hint, it's located in the entryway at Grand Junction's Hart Music at 417 Main Street. That's Kurt, the guitar tech at Hart's, demonstrating how to operate the dispenser.

Chances are you've seen one of these devices at every popular music concert you've ever attended. Every Country, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, and Big Band group has one of these. By that I don't mean the sanitizer, but rather the mechanism shown dispensing it.

In the event you don't recognize this piece of equipment, it's a Hi-hat stand. Every drummer in the world uses one. It's the piece of equipment located at the far left of the drum kit, just past the snare drum. Assuming the drummer is right-handed and uses a typical setup, they play the Hi-hat with their left foot.

Thanks to Hart Music for making this available to the public. As it turns out, the crew at Hart's didn't make it. A drum hardware company called Dixon is responsible for the idea. Personally, I think this thing is awesome. The whole hand sanitizer thing is getting a bit boring. This, however, makes it kind of fun.

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