Are you searching for an easy Grand Junction area trail with plenty of scenery and an unbeatable price? You owe it to yourself to check out the Blue Heron trail near the Mesa Mall. The walk is excellent, parking is very convenient, the scenery is awesome, it's free to use, and there's even a sculpture or two along the way.

This trail really will surprise you. The bulk of the pathway follows the Riverside Parkway. The trail heads are located towards the Mesa Mall, and at the other end, near Riverside just off Broadway.

Strangely, though, when you make the walk along the trail, you would never guess you were near one of the busier corridors through town.

The trail's proximity to area businesses is one of the great things about it. You don't have to make a lengthy trek in order to get to your hike. The trail heads feature an abundance of easily accessible parking. As a matter of fact, last Sunday, I had the parking lot near Banana's to myself.

Here's the part where I embarrass myself: I hike GJ's trails every day. I've walked the Blue Heron from Riverside to Banana's hundreds of times. Somehow, after all of these years, I've never walked this other portion of the trail.

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Along the way, keep your eyes open for some extremely pleasant stopping points. Most are secluded, with bench seating and plenty of shade.

You'll also encounter the "Pioneers" monument towards the Mesa Mall end of the trail. On the benches at the base of the sculptures you'll find the following inscription:

"In Loving Memory of Grand Junction Pioneers"

The Blue Heron trail is awesome! It's close to town, features excellent parking, and it's free. No parks pass are required.

The people you encounter on the trail are very friendly. Enjoy some magnificent scenery, plenty of wildlife, and take in some fresh air. Make time to visit Grand Junction's Blue Heron trail the next chance you get.