The Grand Imperial Hotel in Silverton will be a part of a paranormal investigation today. This Colorado hotel isn't the only place that'll be investigated during the third annual 'World Largest Ghost Hunt.'

The 'World's Largest Ghost Hunt' takes places on National Ghost Hunting Day, which is September 29. Multiple paranormal investigations will be done simultaneously all across the world. The spirit world is more likely to open if the paranormal investigations are done at the same time, according to the founder of Four Corners Paranormal Investigations.

The Grand Imperial Hotel is no stranger to paranormal activity, according the the Durango Herald. Work crews at the hotel have had to stop working and wait for the paranormal activity to calm down before resuming work. I wouldn't want to work while nails and drywall thrown at me.

Paranormal investigators are staying in the hotel's haunted basement. The event is open to the public. I wonder what they'll find at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Silverton and at the other paranormal investigations on the 'World's Largest Ghost Hunt.'

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