Did you know that Google was first called BackRub when they came up with the original idea? It's true! Check out some other random facts we bet you didn't know either.

As you know I love weird facts, and you never know when one of these might win you a million bucks in some contest!

  • People that are born in the fall are more likely to live to be 100 years old
  • Heroine, cocaine and LSD are three of the most expensive materials in the world along with diamonds and plutonium.
  • Before Michael Bolton was famous he auditioned to replace Ozzy as lead singer of Black Sabbath!
  • The creators of Nintendo's Mario Bros. named Mario after their landlord so they could get an extension on paying their rent.

Finally the craziest fact I've heard to date:

  • It's illegal to only own one guinea pig in Switzerland. Apparently they get so lonely the law requires you to own at least two!