Have you ever traveled through Colorado's amazing Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel? It's a remarkable achievement in engineering. Some, however, disagree.

Many consider the tunnel something to behold. Others find it to be something to whine about. Check out these nasty one-star Google reviews of Eisenhower Tunnel.

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Amazing Experience... for Some of Us

You'll find the Eisnehower Tunnel on I-70 roughly 60 miles west of Denver. According to CDOT, it traverses the Continental Divide at an average elevation of 11,112 feet. At a length of more than 1.6 miles, it makes for a remarkable drive.

Personally, while not claustrophobic, I do find the tunnel to be a bit nerve-wracking. I prefer not to drive through it. Regardless, it seems I find myself having to at least a few times per year. Why do I have an issue with it? Put simply, you're driving over a mile-and-a-half under thousands of feet and countless tons of solid rock. No fun, Dr. Jones.

If You Were to Check the Suggestion Box

Log on to Google, and you'll find reviews for everything. Literally, everything. A few weeks back I did a post about "Nasty Reviews of the Colorado River." Seriously, people had negative reviews of a river. Someone should relay these poor reviews to Mother Nature and see if something can be done about it.

If you check out Google Reviews, you'll find a number of complaints about the tunnel, too. At a glance it appears the number one gripe has to do with the lack of bathrooms. Would it really be that difficult to "hold it" for an additional 1.6 miles?

For Your Consideration

If you're looking for a good laugh, or perhaps a headache, or maybe a reason to lose all faith in the human race, please check out these whiny one-star reviews of Eisenhower Tunnel. Okay, I padded it a little by throwing in a two-star and even a three-star review.

Nasty Bad Reviews of Colorado's Eisenhower Tunnel

Personally, I consider the tunnels to be a remarkable human achievement. Others seem to disagree.

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