Austin Gonsalves is graduating from Colorado Mesa University this semester and is stoked to focus on his company, SOFA Brand. He started SOFA, which stands for the 'state of attraction' in 2017. The message behind the name of the company is 'what you put out, is what you get back.'

Austin grew up riding and racing dirtbikes. He says Grand Junction has some of the best outdoor free riding around and that he also races a lot on the Front Range.

He saw a need for a better and different set of motocross gear. He knew there needed to be a better functioning gear set which gives riders a more efficient way of getting dressed up and down. So he invented some innovative motocross gear.

Austin and Spencer saw a need for this kind of gear and the idea for SOFA was born in December 2017. Then at the beginning of 2019, they pitched their idea at the annual CMU Entrepreneurship Day and ended up being third out of 40 teams.

This brought validity to their idea and brought the idea fruition. Austin says Colorado Mesa University has been a great resource for him and Spencer. It's helped them make connections and network.

Austin told me he currently has a patent pending on the utility of the gear. And he's excited for May 15th, which is when SOFA's website will be launching and preordering will be available.

He says SOFA will offer pants, gears gloves, hats shirts, lanyards and more. SOFA Brand will offer gear for both adults and children. This only makes sense because Austin has been riding since he could walk.

See more on Austin's motocross company, SOFA Brand here.

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