Nashville, Tenn. was under tornado warnings while we we're visiting and I'm not going to lie, it was scray, but not near as terrifying as what happened to one of our listeners step-daughters when a tornado picked her and her car up and flung them 100-feet! Check out this video!

Before the tornado sirens went off Thursday night in downtown Nashville, I had just asked my husband if he thought we should even be in our ninth floor room as the building cracked and groaned around us. Like it was alive and trying to come through the glass wall that separated it from us.

That's when the alarms sounded.

We headed down via the stairs, me in my slippers, but had apparently walked all that way for nothing, because when we got there no one even knew the alarms were going off!

It was almost too much for me and I'll admit I cried a little over the varying instructions:

  • The whole convention was still partying like it was 1999.
  • Hotel staff was just as unconcerned, telling us they were aware of the threat and if they felt the situation warranted it, would move everyone to shelter.
  • Locals told me to go back to my room.
  • Experts like local KKCO Weatherman Jared Robinson told me to seek shelter immediately.

But what sent me over the edge was this video!

Suggested by one of our listeners, Curt Moreno, featuring his step-daughter inside her car on her way to work in Cullem, Alabama when a tornado picks them up!

Hearing her terrified screams was definitely too much for me thanks Curt!

Have you ever been in severe weather? Tell us about it in the comment section below and maybe we'll share it on air!