(Some audio is NSFW)

Clearly some Halloween stunts are more successful than others. Also: Clearly some people are more intelligent than others.

In the great white north of Canada, a guy dressed in a Ghostbuster costume decided it would be a pretty solid idea to do a back flip off of a cop car while his buddy filmed him. Sure, back-flips are pretty impressive on their own, but adding a criminal element really cranks up the badass. We get it.

Just before he was about to execute the stunt, though, one of the police officers interrupted this meeting of the minds, ordering him to get off of the car. Seems like a good time to listen, right? Apparently not to everyone.

Instead of complying with the officer, the unnamed Ghostbuster flipped over him and lands a perfect back flip.  A second officer enters the scene, and the idiot is promptly arrested for criminal mishchief.

Lessons learned: Cops ain't afraid of no Ghostbusters, and gymnastics can't keep you out of prison the way a rash can.