Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid or DNA is the blueprint for life and has done much for the world since James Watson and Francis Crick unraveled the secrets of the double helix. DNA has been used for many things including criminal forensics, cloning and now may have proven that Bigfoot or Sasquach is not hoax.
The elusive Bigfoot has been depicted by many cultures throughout history and many called names including Sasquach, Yeti and many others. This mixture of an ape-like-human my now actually have been confirmed as fact thanks to five years of DNA research.

Genetic researchers in Texas claim that they have confirmation that Bigfoot is real. Dr. Melba Ketchum, the founder of DNA Diagnostics in Timpson, Texas says she and her team have a payoff for five years of work. They have been researching DNA from what is said to be the hair of Bigfoot.

They say the hair has revealed a hominin hybrid species living in North America. On Saturday November 24, 2012 the company said the research and sequencing suggest a human relative came to be 15-thousand-years ago. The cross between modern Homo sapiens and an unknown species happened when they lured modern woman to give them her business. Because that is how babies are made.

They describe the North American Sasquach as a mosaic of human and novel non-human sequence. Dr. Ketchum is attempting to get public officials to recognize the Bigfoot as an indigenous people with constitutional and natural rights. She also advocates against hunting and killing them.