Funniest Videos 2012

What did we even do before YouTube existed?

Let's not even speak of those dark days, okay? Nowadays, checking out funny videos is our go-to for stress-relief, boredom, and procrastination. We've got it on our computers, our phones, and now YouTube streams right into our TV.

We've seen some pretty funny videos this year, and we've rounded up our ten favorites for your consideration. Click the link to read the original story, and vote at the bottom to tell us what you think is the Funniest Video of the 2012:

Fat Jew's 'Hookers Do Non-Sexual Stuff':

This Thing That Happened at Our Editor's Birthday Party: 

Our New Favorite Comedian, Silly Patric-HA:

This Idiot Doing a Cannonball Into a Frozen Pool:

This Krispy Kreme Rapper:

'Sex House,' a Reality TV Spoof from The Onion:

This Yoga Dude Explains Getting Caught Staring at Boobs:

This Dude Pranking His Girlfriend: 

Sarah Silverman's Offers to Scissor Romney Donor if He Donates to Obama Instead: 

'Lazy Sexual' Music Video: 

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