Friends of ex-Scorpions drummer James Kottak have recently expressed their concern for his well-being. Kottak is currently playing drums for Kingdom Come, who delivered a highly-criticized performance over this past weekend at a rock festival in Sweden.

Several publications and writers shared their sentiments about the performance, including Sweden's own Rocknytt, which referred to Kingdom Come's set as the festival's "biggest fuckup." The article also pinpointed Kottak's performance, saying that he played "really badly, sluggishly" and that he couldn't keep up with the tempo [transcribed by Blabbermouth].

As Blabbermouth also noted, Metal Sludge founder Stevie Rachelle also posted about Kottak's demeanor on his Facebook page after reading peoples' reactions to Kingdom Come's festival show.

"And... if [Kottak] dropped dead tomorrow in a hotel room from drinking himself to death, everyone would suddenly be silent and feeling so sorry for him," Rachelle wrote. "This latest incident, and train-wreck of a performance by James Kottak, along with his past public displays of stupid drunken behavior that have landed him on the cover of TMZ and beyond for years, is exactly what [late Warrant frontman] Jani Lane was doing in his life for years, until those years were cut short."

"James Kottak is Jani Lane in 2022... and the truth is, there is likely nobody who can save him, but himself," he continued. "There have been bands, a wife, kids, and I am sure managers, family and friends who have tried., just like with Jani Lane... but... James Kottak is still alive. Whether he saves himself or not, only time will tell."

Bassist Robbie Crane, who's played in Ratt, the Vince Neil Band, Steven Adler's band Adler's Appetite and is currently a member of Black Star Riders, commented on Rachelle's post, sharing his thoughts about Kottak's state.

"This is a sad situation… James is a good dude… He's a father, brother, son, husband, and friend… But sadly, you are correct… the only person that can save James is James. He has to want it," Crane remarked. "But like so many before him, addiction fully has him… he is in the center of his own storm and sees nothing but peace around him… He doesn't realize the physical damage he's done to himself. Not yet anyway… if we tried to help would he hear us? I don't know… Hopefully this situation will serve as a wake up call to him… All we can do is pray for him…"

See the posts and some videos of Kingdom Come's Swedish festival set below.

Kottak played brief stints in several different bands, including Montrose in the '80s and Warrant in the '90s. He had originally been a member of Kingdom Come from 1987 until 1989, and then he joined the Scorpions in 1996 after his departure from Warrant. He remained Scorpions' drummer until he was fired in 2016, and he rejoined Kingdom Come two years later.

Facebook - Stevie Rachelle
Facebook - Stevie Rachelle

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