Yes. It's true. I used to be married to this man, but hey I've got to give credit where credit is due.

Many people know him as Alan Roach the voice of Colorado.

Roach is the voice of the Colorado Avalanche. When you're at Denver International Airport he's "that" voice when you get on or off the train. He's one of the best announcers at the winter Olympics, not to mention the former voice of the Colorado Rockies and the former voice of the Denver Broncos.

Currently, Alan is the voice of the Minnesota Vikings yet he still resides in Colorado. In all actuality, he's been the announcer for the game since Super Bowl XL after the 2005 season with an exception when the Denver Broncos played against Carolina in Super Bowl 50.

The Super Bowl Committee felt it would have given the Denver Broncos a home field advantage feel if he announced.

A little Super Bowl Sunday trivia for you that may sound something like this:

Attention all Super Bowl Fans  ... be sure to tune in Sunday, February 3 and listen very carefully to the in-stadium announcer Alan Roach for your chance to hear the real voice of Colorado.

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