Lance Armstrong, who has admitted to doping during his run of seven Tour De France wins, may find himself in front of a federal judge. Federal investigators are in the midst of an active investigation for obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation. Is prosecuting a person for cheating during a sporting event really the best use of our tax dollars? I understand that obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation are crimes, but I think Armstrong is going to pay the price.

Armstrong has been stripped of all the titles, records and glory he got during his run of seven Tour De France wins. He will always be known as the “disgraced cyclist who cheated” from now until the sun blows up. Most of the money he made during that time will be leached from him in civil cases. This has already started with an insurance company that has filed a $12 million suit against Armstrong and that is only the beginning.

I realize that some will say if we don’t prosecute him then people will think its O.K. to commit obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation. Really, does anyone think that is O.K.? I don’t think so and I think this is as much a waste of time and money as the case against Rodger Clemens.

It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring a case in front of a federal judge, so wouldn’t that money be better spent prosecuting mob bosses, terrorist and criminals that need to be brought to justice? I’m not saying we should take it easy on Lance Armstrong but we should use our tax dollars wisely.