It's been almost ten years since I graduated from college, and it can be a scary thing going out into the real world after spending such formative years hitting the books and partying. Here are some tips for recently graduated Colorado Mesa University students.

1. Get a Foot in the Door

The biggest goal after school is to get a job in the field you majored in, right? Well some fields are more difficult to get into than others, and a foot in the door is essential. Be prepared to be overworked and underpaid, but if you stick it out it will be worth it.

2. Be Prepared to Move

Depending on your field, location can mean everything. For example, if you majored in animation you may want to consider looking for jobs in Los Angeles. Always be prepared to uproot in order to land a good job in your field of interest.

3. Save Money

I remember one of the biggest blows upon graduating being the fact that I had to begin to pay student loans instead of receiving them. It's a bit of a transition going from the hard-partying pizza-eating college days into the real world, but it's a necessary one.

4. Be Prepared for Interviews

Most colleges require students to take a course on things like interviewing, creating a professional resume, etc. However, it's vital that as a potential hiree, you have nice clothes and a stellar resume. Also, never wear a hat to an interview and maintain eye contact.

5. Be Prepared for Dreams

Ok, this one's a little tongue in cheek but I've been experiencing this for the last ten years; it's real. If you're like me, you may begin experiencing nightmares where you're late to class, you haven't been going to a class all semester and you don't know where it is, things like that. Like I said, a little tongue in cheek, but I still have these nightmares.

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