Take this QUICK test (or give it to someone you don't trust) to see if you/they're a good liar!

It's a five second experiment called the "Q Test".

Here's what you do:

  1. Use your index finger (that's the one you point with)
  2. Draw a capital letter Q on your forehead (no this isn't one of those games where someone comes and smacks you in the face with your own hand)
  3. Remember which side you drew the tail of the Q pointing to


  1. If you drew the tail to the left (so someone looking at it would read it normal) it means you ARE a good liar! Apparently you're aware of how other people perceive you.
  2. If you drew the tail to the right (so it would be backwards to someone looking at you) it means you're more of an introvert and NOT good at lying!