According to anthropologists, over 90 percent of the world kisses. With so many people smooching, here are five great reasons besides sex you should be kissing more often.It's no secret kissing can be intimate and fun. That's why kissing can lead to other things, like sex. But that's not the only reason you should be kissing more often. Sex aside, here's why kissing is good.

  1. Kissing burns calories. A one minute kiss uses up to 2 calories, so the more you kiss, the more calories you burn.
  2. Kissing tones your muscles. One specific muscle, the orbicularis oris, also known as the "pucker-up muscle," gets the biggest workout.
  3. Kissing can increase your life expectancy. One study showed men can live up to five years longer when they kiss their wife before going to work.
  4. You might set a world record. The current record for the world's longest kiss is over 58.5 hours, but think of it this way. You'd burn over seven thousand calories in the process. Talk about a workout.
  5. We are born to kiss. About 67% of people instinctively tilt their head to the right to kiss, making the lip lock just that much easier. Some say this tendency actually starts before birth.

One thing to remember, kissing customs vary around the world. So, before you start indiscriminately kissing, make sure you know the who, what, when, where, why and how the person wants to be kissed.

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