Saturday night's (April 19) Firefest in Lakewood, Ohio near Cleveland was marred by violence outside the Foundry nightclub that resulted in a slew of arrests, a few victims treated for injuries at local hospitals and an early end to the night of music. Police have released more details and unveiled video from the massive brawl that reportedly included around 50 people.

Lakewood Police chief Tim Malley stated, "There were two groups of 50 or more people (total). By all appearances they came together through some sort of mutual agreement." That supports early reports that the brawl included members of two crews who were known for moshing at shows. Malley stated that officers are continuing to investigate whether or not the concert and the fight were related.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Malley also stated that while gunshots were reported, no one suffered any gunshot wounds. The paper also quoted Jeff Koteles, a sound engineer, as stating that several shots hit his car. Koteles also stated, "There were two groups on either side. They were facing each other and yelling. One side had a couple of baseball bats. After about 30 seconds of them shouting insults at each other, they started fighting."

In total 23 people were arrested and five people were treated at local hospitals for injuries. The Foundry shut down for the night after the incident, with headliners Ringworm and Death Before Dishonor missing out on the gig. The festival had also featured such acts as Winds of Plague and Oceano.