The Grand Junction National Weather Service office issues watch.

The Fire Weather Watch was originally announced for today but the updated forecast shows gusty winds anticipated for today have been pushed back for Thursday afternoon and evening. It's another sunny, beautiful day today but look for winds to pick up tomorrow.

Despite the recent rainfall, conditions remain extremely dry for most of the region. That, along with low humidity and high winds, can spell disaster from a single spark. To weeks ago I-70 was shut down along DeBeque canyon from a fire started by a single cigarette butt. Imagine if that same butt was flicked out somewhere around town.

In an effort to avoid such an incident, the National Weather Service has issued a Fire Weather Watch for Thursday, August 30th. What that means is that conditions are favorable for wildfires. High winds with gusts possible over 25 MPH and humidity levels below 15%.

Avoid grilling or other outdoor fire-related activities over the next 24 hours or so and please dispose of cigarette butts properly.

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