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Well, here's a fun story. Not. At a university on the western slope, they study how bodies decompose. They also discover how nature has a way of impeding science.

I caught this story from Newsweek. Apparently at
Colorado Mesa University (CMU) outside of Grand Junction, they have a body farm.

At body farms, deceased bodies are often laid naked outside to study how they decompose. I hope you aren't eating at the moment.

Recently at the farm, though it's protected by a fence, two feral cats got in and started eating two male bodies.  Super.

According to the article, the cats 'preferred' eating the parts of the bodies that had the least amount of decomposing happening. Good to know that though they're feral, they're not monsters.

Get more on the body farm at CMU and the feral cats' shenanigans
from Newsweek HERE.

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