Are you a fan of things that go bump in the night? If so you'll probably love Colorado's favorite Halloween movie.

The lifestyle platform, Wishlisted has gathered tons of data from every corner of the internet to compose a list of the best Halloween movies in America by state.

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What Scares You?

Each person has their own irrational fear. It could be a fear of creepy crawly critters, perhaps Zombies, or maybe even ghosts.


Whatever it is, the people in Hollywood sure know how to hone in on those fears to give us spectacularly scary movies.

Utah Loves Scary Movies More than Colorado

A surprising discovery was made by Wishlisted that ranks Utah as one of the most horror-obsessed states in America. Our neighbors to the west shockingly outranked the Centennial State and many others coming in at #3.


Colorado didn't even manage to grace the top 5 despite being home to a plethora of horror movie filming locations. The #1 ranked horror-obsessed state actually went to Oregon of all places.

Colorado's Favorite Halloween Movie

Many Coloradans are well aware that Stephen King's The Shining is based on the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. However, Stanley Kubrick’s film adaption of the movie was not actually filmed at the Stanley Hotel, or in Colorado at all.

Despite this gross injustice, Coloradans still love the film and it is the state's favorite Halloween movie. In fact, the axe that Jack Nicholson used during the movie was donated to the Stanley Film Center, which is being built on the grounds of the Stanley Hotel. At least this legendary piece of memorabilia is where it belongs today at its true home.

Keep scrolling to see the horror films that actually were filmed in Colorado. 

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