When recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2014, I knew there would, at some point, be enough information that someone could determine where pot users eat when they have the munchies.

That someone is the Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis who surveyed cannabis users in the US states where recreational marijuana is legal.

Rather than focus on specific foods, the survey asked users, over the last four weeks,  which fast food restaurants they ate at to satisfy the munchies.

The top choice was consistent across all states, with some states more or less likely to choose a particular restaurant.

Nationally, McDonald's (43.4%), Taco Bell (18.3%), Wendy's (17.8%), Burger King (17.6%), and Subway (8.6%) were the top favorites.

Others that were more state-specific include;

  • Jack-In-The-Box (California, Nevada)
  • Carl's Jr. (California)
  • KFC and Chik-Fil-A (Washington, DC)

Colorado's choices followed the national trend with McDonald's the overwhelming choice.

  1. McDonald's - 46.6%
  2. Taco Bell - 25.5%
  3. Wendy's - 20.8%
  4. Burger King - 18.3%
  5. Subway - 9.9%

A companion report found Colorado's most popular soft drinks to wash down all that fast food are; Coca-Cola (28.9%), Pepsi (27.4%), Mountain Dew (16.8%) Dr. Pepper (12.1%), and Sprite (10.7%).

Be it a Big Mac, Burrito Supreme, Whopper, Bacon Cheeseburger, or a
Cold Cut Combo, it appears Colorado pot users feast on fast food and the restaurants have to be 'lovin' it.'

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