Don’t rush Corey Taylor’s stage, because you’ll get speared ala Goldberg. During Stone Sour’s Nov. 16 gig in Moscow, a fan attempted to rush Taylor, but got smashed by a security guard before he got too close.

Corey was in the middle of a solo rendition of “Bother” when the incident took place. The musician’s head was turned the other way while the Russian fan approached Taylor, and before Taylor even knew the guy was coming, one of CMFT’s security guards hit him with an NFL-worthy tackle.

If you brighten your screen, you can clearly see an object fly out of the fan’s hand as he’s hit. While it looks to be a phone, holding an object while you jump onstage and approach one of rock’s biggest musicians is a surefire way to get targeted by security. Thankfully, they pounced right in time and didn’t allow any potential harm to Taylor.

“Sucks to be you, dude,” Corey said while the fan was being dragged off stage. After finishing “Bother,” the Stone Sour frontman shook his head and said, “Don’t come on my stage, motherfucker.”

The moment didn’t take away from Corey’s gig, however, as he thanked the Moscow crowd via Twitter after the show:

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