If you haven't made it up on The Grand Mesa to check out the fall colors yet, no worries, there's still time. Plus, Saturday is the annual Fall Festival at Powderhorn.

Last weekend was beautiful up on The Mesa. The aspens were beautiful as they're nearing peak color. The sun was shining last Sunday afternoon and the ride up the ski lift was awesome! I would suggest any of you that's not made the drive up and over the Mesa yet this year, make time this weekend .

Ray Michaels

If a quite drive isn't your style, perhaps the party at Powderhorn Saturday will do the trick. You can rent a bike and hit the trail. Ride the lift to the top. Or hang around and enjoy the "festival games" and live music.

Ray Michaels

I'll admit, even though I was up there last weekend, I'm thinking hard about hitting it again. Live music, cold beer, and the fall colors sound like a great way to kill a Saturday.

Ray Michales

Either way, from the deck at Powderhorn or a drive up and over, however you prefer your fall colors. Tomorrow is the day to get your Fall Festival fix. Your days are numbered. The fall foliage is peaking and there will soon come a day that the snow will fly and you'll miss out. See you up top! Fall rocks!