You may have thought it was finally gone, but this news story will prove that Rickrolling is still going strong!

Late last week, someone was walking around Asheville, North Carolina issuing parking tickets. But it wasn't someone who had the authority to do so. Instead, a person that authorities have not identified yet was putting fake $100 parking tickets on random cars. The city's parking tickets are usually just $10, so this was the first sign that something was up.

After a little investigation, numerous discrepancies were discovered with these "tickets," including a QR code. Asheville's official tickets do not contain these. When the code is scanned, those that received the ticket are directed to a video for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."  In other words, they're getting Rickrolled in a very elaborate way.

Check out the news story below, where they appear to get the opinion of every single resident of Asheville!