People visiting the Centennial State often bring with them countless preconceived notions about life in Colorado. You are here to set the record straight.

Visitors who think Colorado is a state full of pot-smoking outdoorsmen are wrong. Not everyone chooses to inhale, ski, or eat granola three times a day.

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Visitors May Be Shocked to Learn About the Weather in Colorado

Some visitors come to Colorado expecting to see only snow 12 months a year. This just isn't true. Many of us live in the high desert and it's actually brutal at times during the summer.

The Political Scene in Colorado is as Divided as Anyplace Else

Not everyone in Colorado is a conservative, just like not everyone in the state is a liberal. Not everyone is a fan of the Governor, just like not everyone supports Lauren Boebert. Like most of America, the state is a healthy mix of both points of view regardless of what network television would like to imply.

There are More than Mountains in Colorado

Visitors come to Colorado expecting to see endless mountains throughout the state. Well, we have the plains, the Colorado Plateau, and a variety of landscapes that don't all go above 10,000 feet.

Our Peaches Deserve Respect

Folks from the south are often surprised to come to Colorado and find the Palisade peaches are far better than anything growing in Georgia or anyplace else. Scroll on to see how your answers help to set the record straight on what life is really like in Colorado.

Facts About Colorado that Out-of-Staters Find Hard to Believe

Some people visit Colorado and expect to meet countless ski-crazed stoners eating granola, but it's just not the case. Coloradans are here to set the record straight. Scroll on to learn about facts that tend to shock people who visit Colorado for the first time.

KEEP GOING: You Know You Are From Colorado When...

We all remember the Jeff Foxworthy jokes back in the day "you might be a redneck". What made those ridiculous stereotypes so funny is because they had just a tiny bit of truth to them. Well along those same lines I wanted to highlight a few ways of thinking that everyone from Colorado has. They are not bad things, just the way we do things and go about our business around here.

So here is a list of ways 'You Know You're From Colorado':

KEEP GOING: Colorado's Most Popular Myths and Legends

If you are on the hunt for myths and legends the good news is you will not have to go far to find them in Colorado. All four corners of the state are filled with their own local legends and eerie encounters.

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