Facebook has always been a way to make either cry in Cheerios seeing that chick you dumped in high school turn into a major hottie, or find someone who is a little closer to being in your league that you've never met before. Now though, the dating side of the most popular form of social media just got a little easier to use. 

You've always been able to check out pictures of a potential mate, watch what they are up to and wait for the right moment to send a personal message asking if they were single or not. Basically stalking them through Facebook. However, this weekend, Zuckerberg and the crew made it much easier to hit on people through their site.

Basically if someone doesn't disclose a relationship status, there is now an “Ask” button for people to inquire, A.K.A. ask them out. At the same time though, if you "ask" and they say they are involved with someone, you can always say you were just wondering, play it off, and not have the embarrassment of actually asking someone out and being turned down! BRILLIANT!