Despite the turnover of musicians over the years, being a member of Megadeth continues to rank among the most prestigious gigs for any player. And while Megadeth are currently down two members after the exits of Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover, there is definitely interest in who will fill the void.

Though he currently has a gig behind the kit for Exodus, drummer Tom Hunting reveals that he would definitely listen if Megadeth came calling. Speaking with Capital Chaos TV, the drummer opened up when asked about his thrash metal brothers in Megadeth. "If Dave [Mustaine] called and wanted to do some work, I would certainly listen," says Hunting in the video interview above. "If he needed a drummer for recording and I was available, I would certainly entertain the idea."

However, Hunting would still keep Exodus as his first priority and is not sure if he'd carry a Megadeth gig over to the stage as bandmate Gary Holt has done with Slayer. "I believe in my own band and what we're doing right now," says Hunting. "I've never been one of those guys that floats around between bands. I want to do what I do with Exodus and have a normal life -- do normal things like chop wood, have a wife, spend time with my family -- s--t like that."

Exodus released their 'Blood In Blood Out' album last October and still have a long road ahead of them for the disc. Megadeth, meanwhile, are reportedly working on a new album. The band has yet to reveal who will fill the void left by Broderick and Drover, but they have teased that fans will be happy with what they're currently doing in the studio.

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