ESPN host Stephen A. Smith now has a new skill to add to his resume. Directly below "Blowhard Television Host," Smith can now claim that he's a "Law Genius".

Yesterday, while talking about the ESPN documentary "O.J.: Made In America," Smith what may very well have been his cockiest claim yet. The clip starts innocently enough with Smith saying that if he was on the jury, they'd still be sitting there today because he would have never agreed to O.J.'s innocence. OK, there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, many American feel the same way. He thought the Juice was guilty and couldn't be convinced otherwise. Cool.

But then, he went on to say that he would have won the case if he was a member of the prosecution team.

So you're a lawyer now, Stephen? You think that you could defeat brilliant legal minds, even though you have zero experience in the field? You just keep telling yourself that.