So you want to marry your lady and you want to make it awesome. Great, now what are you going to do? Get on one knee and propose to her on a Jumbotron? Whatever you come up with don't worry if it's the best wedding proposal ever, because this biker beat you to it.

A guy falls in love with a lady and wants to propose so they can love in biker marital bliss.

What do you do to mark the occasion and get her to say yes?

You do what Hector "Tank" Martinez did and call all your biker friends and their biker friends to pull off an epic, and illegal, marriage proposal.

On Sunday January 27, 2013 "Tank" and 300 bikers shut down a highway in L.A during a "Unity Ride. Hector spent months planning and even bought a tire to release pink smoke.

Check out the video

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