If there's one industry that didn't suffer too much this year, it's real estate: according to Fortune.com, "The house-hunting bonanza that gripped many Americans along with the resilience of the real estate market has been one of the biggest surprises of 2020."

We highlight those homes on our app and website that you may not see normally walking down the street: million dollar mansions, dome homes, and more crazy Colorado abodes that you can take a peek inside thanks to handy realtors. That bears the question, though...

Which homes in 2020 were the most epic? Our picks are below.

Check out the full galleries of each home right here: Former Broncos Head Coach House, Geodesic Dome Home, Wellington Barndamonium, Ice Cream Exec Home, Fort Collins Winery, Cottagecore Mansion, Granite Castle, Colorado's Biltmore, Lance Armstrong's House, Colorado Dome Home.

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