I am quite certain that 75% of my friends on Facebook have now posted something like this; "My letter is ___, use one word starting with it to describe me!" Cute, if you are in middle school, but I thought I got rid of all my middle school friends... So I am here to give you a suggestion for each letter that will make these people think twice before playing this dumb game again (and I'll probably be losing a few Facebook friends). 

A - Ass-munch

B -  Butt-pirate

C - Chode

D - Douchebag

E - Easy

F - Fatass

G - Gooch

H - Ho

I - Idiot

J - Jerk

K - Knucklehead

L - Lardass

M - Meathead

N - Nut Sack

O - Oinker

P - Peckerhead

Q - Queef

R - Repulsive

S - Slut

T - Tool

U - Ugly

V - Vajayjay

W - Whore

X - Xanthodont (meaning,one with yellow teeth)

Y - Yahoo

Z - Zero

You try thinking of an insult word that starts with an "e" or an "x," it's not as easy as you might think, so you are welcome! Now go out and lose some Facebook friends!!