The drive-in movie experience began in 1933, but a drive-in concert? That's the latest development in Denmark as the country aims to circumvent the concert cancelation issue driven by the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures that have all but wiped out the touring industry at the moment.

In the Danish city of Aarhus, singer-songwriter Mads Langer performed to a sold-out crowd of cars, who drove into a field where the musician was performing at a newly-erected concert stage. The 500-ticket gig was announced just six days prior to the event, as reported by Forbes, and similar events are in the works for the future.

Much like the drive-in movie experience, attendees were able to listen to the concert through an FM radio transmission.

The Jyllands-Posten newspaper reported that police were satisfied with how the event was handled.Christian Friis of the Østjyllands Police commented, "There are only positive messages from our people on the spot. It has been controlled. People have behaved the way they should, and all the cars were out of place within half an hour."

Of course, one of the most crucial element of a concert is an artist's interaction with the fans and Zoom video conferencing enabled a direct line of communication between the stage and the attendees watching from inside their cars.

Whether the drive-in concert is the future of live events until a safe return to normal can be made remains to be seen. It's a creative solution as numerous public health experts have predicted that the traditional concert experience may not return until fall of 2021 "at the earliest" or until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus.

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